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Welcome to the Homepage of the Galactic Tabloid Publications website.
From here, you can view pages telling you about our history, our work , what services we offer, how to contact us and many more things!

What We Do

We help the little voices be heard, and help the Big pictures be seen.

News, rumor, entertainment, classifieds, personals, opinion, politics, satire, religion, comedy; Galactic Tabloid Publications (GTP) is your leading source for all types of information, all throughout the galaxy.
Headquartered in the Elrood sector and financed by independent backers, you can be assured that GTP is free from influence by the Galactic Empire, Rebel Alliance, or any other governmental body. GTP is an independent voice, an uncensored voice, and the one voice you can trust in a galaxy filled with half truths and differing agendas.
GTP is a streamlined, efficient publication organization employing only the very best journalists, editors, and graphic artists. With multiple distribution channels, including an open pipeline to the Galactic News Service, the Galactic Tabloid Publication annuls are broadcasted and available to every sentient being across the galaxy.

No longer must you wait for filtered information to reach your system, nor concern yourself with the validity of such information put forth by powerful and sometimes warring governments with only their own interests at heart. Galactic Tabloid Publications is committed to bringing you top quality journalism, free from influence, directly to you.

 We help the little voices be heard, and help the Big pictures be seen.

Rick Drudge, Senior Broadcaster

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The Galactic Tabloid Publications Tower,


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