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About the Galactic Tabloid Publication

 Our History
Galactic Tabloid Publications was founded on Year 7 Day 86 to be an independent voice for the common man in this new galactic order. Jax Karrde along with his partner Taalon Darksky decided that it was time to give the news back to the people, Stop the censorship of the Galactic Empire and allow people from all races, creed and religion to have their stories heard. GTP made a commitment to the people to never be corrupted, or influenced by any government or faction. Jax Karrde a long time Faction leader and Manager decided it was time to venture out on his own and develop his own business. He saw a way to provide informative news as well as entertaining stories for the common man or woman. This is Jax Karrde's pledge to the people. Taalon Darksky has been a long time friend and Executive Officer for Jax so it was only natural that Taalon would be in that position again with Jax leading a new faction.

The Galactic tabloid Publications Tower, Elrood Sector


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